Kids Klub Centre is a VIHA licensed non-profit, Christian-based organization that is committed to providing your child with a safe, supervised environment, staffed by competent, responsible people. The staff members at Kids Klub are focused on providing opportunities for the continued development of each child’s social, physical, emotional, cultural and intellectual needs. For the program to provide effectively for you child’s needs, your involvement in planning and decision-making is necessary and welcomed.

Kids Klub Program Conditions

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Kids Klub Hours

The Head Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am-4pm
Kids Klub Site Servicing Hours: Monday to Friday
Before School Care: 7am until School Bell
After School Care: School Bell until 5:30pm

Kids Klub is CLOSED:

  1. Weekends
  2. Statutory Holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day).
  3. All programs are closed the last Friday in June for site maintenance.

Licenses and Inspections

Kids Klub programs are licensed by Island Health and regularly inspected by their licensing officers. The respective regional Fire Marshall has inspected and approved all sites.

Probationary Period

Parents/guardians are expected to make arrangements for their child if he/she demonstrates an inability to function in our program. Each new child is accepted on a four- week probationary period. Kids Klub reserves the right to refuse care. If a child is unable to co-operate and manage in a program, a manager will send a letter to the parent/guardian. If there has not been a satisfactory improvement in behavior, Kids Klub may terminate care. There will be No Refunds!

Registration Fees

School Year Registration Fee: $50.00. If you withdraw from our program your registration fee is non refundable.

Summer Registration Fee: $50.00 Includes T-Shirt and hat. These fees are non-refundable


Kids Klub offers Full Time Care Only.


Before your child may start in the Kids Klub Program, we must have a Payment Method on file for the duration of your child’s enrolment at Kids Klub. Kids Klub offers 2 payment options, credit card and pre-authorized debit. If you are subsidized please indicate that on your application. All fees are to be paid in full by the first of each month.

Any extra care received during the month (Pro D Days, Early dismissals) will be billed to you on the following months invoice.
Camps will be billed on the first of the month as follows:

  1. Christmas Camp: December 1st
  2. Spring Break Camp: March 1st
  3. Summer Camp: Please see Summer Camp Payment Agreement Form

If you foresee a delay in payment, please let the office know and we will be glad to discuss it with you.

Co-paying Parents

In the event of co-paying parents/guardians, both must submit payment agreements to cover the fees.

Re-Payment Agreement

Kids Klub will provide refunds or reimbursements only in the case of client overpayments. Refunds are not given except under extreme circumstances and only under the discretion of Kids Klub’s Director. Due to ongoing operational costs refunds cannot be guaranteed even under emergency circumstances.


Kids Klub accepts Subsidy Authorizations from the Ministry of Children & Family Development. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this program please contact the Subsidy office directly at 1-888-338-6622. Kids Klub is not responsible for any subsidy related matters such as renewal, or amounts issued. If you are late renewing your subsidy, you will be asked to cover the cost and Kids Klub will reimburse or credit you the amount when received by Subsidy.

Averaging of Fees

Program Fees are based on an average of number of days of care per month over the entire year.

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts will be provided by February 1st for the year prior.

Withdrawal from Kids Klub school year programs.

Four weeks written notice to the Head Office, is required if you are withdrawing your child from any portion of our program. If the four weeks written notice is not given, you are required to pay for six weeks from the date of withdrawal. This applies also to children who are going from Full Time to Part Time or Drop In Care. In the event of your child being away for any reason (including but not exclusive to holidays and maternity leave), your regularly monthly fee will be charged to keep your spot.

Withdrawal from Kids Klub Summer Camp Program

Once you have submitted your application to head office there will be NO OPTION TO WITHDRAW or REIMBURSEMENT FROM ANY WEEK REGISTERED-THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

You may add weeks if space permits.

No Notice & Late Drop Off

In order to prevent any missing children concerns, it is imperative that the site be contacted before noon if your child will be absent that day. If there is no answer please leave a voice message. Please let the site manager know if your child will be late arriving to Kids Klub. During the School Year sites have strict drop-off schedules for ensuring that children arrive to their schools on time. If this is a concern please talk to your site manager to find out their departure time in the mornings. During the Summer Day Camps, out-trips often begin in the morning so we ask that your child arrive no later than 9.30am to the Summer Program.

If your child is away: Please call the site and either talk to the Manager or leave a message informing the staff that your child will be absent and for how long. Looking for children at the school or calling the police if we think your child is missing because you forget to call, causes undue stress for everyone. $20.00 fee will be charged if you do not call and notify the site prior to after school pick up time. Kids Klub reserves the right to terminate care.

Late Pick Up

A late pick up fee of $15.00 for every 1⁄2 hour, or portion of, is charged to the parent when the child is not picked up at their site’s by 5:30pm. Please phone the site as soon as possible when you are going to be later than your usual pick up time.

If a guardian has not picked up a child or called by 5:45pm, the caregiver will try to contact the family and then the alternative person/s from the authorized pick up list. If that person is unavailable and the parent has not contacted the caregiver 20 minutes after the site closes, the caregiver is required to notify the Ministry of Children and Families.

If late pick up becomes a problem, you will receive a warning letter. If late pick up is an ongoing problem and reasonable effort has been made to solve it, Kids Klub may choose to terminate care for your child.

Emergency School & Site Closures

If Kids Klub has to close due to an emergency such as fire, earthquakes, flood, snow days, Strike or any other emergency beyond our control you will be asked to come immediately to pick up your child.

If a closure were to happen during Non-Program hours we will either contact you directly by either email/phone and/or Update our Social Media outlets.

*If your child’s school is closed due to snow, Kids Klub will also be CLOSED. If your child’s school district is not running transportation, we will not be running our buses.

There will be no refunds for emergency school & site closures.

Persons Authorized to Pick Up your Child

The parent / guardian is required to notify the caregiver in writing if someone else will be picking up the child. If the caregiver does not know the person picking up the child, information about the person will need to be provided (name, phone number, and physical description). The person will be asked to show photo identification. You must be 16rys of age to pick up any child up from Kids Klub. Children will not be permitted to leave Kids Klub by taxi, bike, or without a parent/guardian. Release of a child:

If a person authorized to pick up a child is incapable of safe care the Kids Klub staff will:

  • Assess the situation
  • Contact the other parent as an alternative
  • Contact an emergency contact person as an alternative

If a person authorized to pick up a child is incapable of safe care and insists on taking the child, the Kids Klub staff, will:

  • Contact the Local Authorities

If no one comes to pick up the child, the Kids Klub staff will:

  • Contact the parent or emergency contact, if no answer
  • Contact the Ministry of Children and Families

If an unauthorized person requests the release of a child, the Kids Klub staff will:

  • Not release the child, the child will remain under the supervision of the caregiver
  • Contact the parent or legal guardian
  • Must receive written confirmation that this person is able to take the child. The parent can fax in a request but the signature need to be compatible with one on file at the site
  • Request the parent come to the site to give confirmation of the release of the child.
  • Speak to the unauthorized individual and explain the policy that no child will be released without written authorization by the parent or guardian
  • Make all reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of the child and other children.
  • If necessary, the police will be called for assistance.

Custody Agreements

Kids Klub will not deny a parent access to their children unless in receipt of a court order denying access. All custody arrangements are the responsibility of the parents, Kids Klub assumes no liability for drop off or pick up. All arrangements must be made with the site manager prior to being executed. Verbal arrangements to the other staff members are not honored or recognized as legally binding.

Staff/Parent Contact Outside Kids Klub Hours

Any contact, either business-related or personal, between families and staff members outside of Kids Klub Centre is strictly between these parties and should remain outside of Kids Klub Centre’s operations.

Signing in and out

Children must be signed in and out each day on the site Sign In/Out Sheet. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children up to and until they have been fully signed in or out of our programs. Kids Klub will not be held responsible for care until after sign in.


On school days, an afternoon snack (including juice or water) is provided.
On full days, children must have a nutritious morning snack and lunch. Afternoon snack is provided as usual. A monthly snack calendar of food/drink being provided to children is available upon parent request.


Due to Licensing Requirements, anyone over the age of 12 at any of our locations must have a current Criminal Record Check on file.

While parents/guardians can drop off and pick up without a Criminal Record Check, we ask that you do not loiter at the locations during our care hours.


Several after school out-trips take place in which the children do not return to the site until 5:00 p.m. If your child needs to be picked up before this time on any particular day or on a regular basis, please request that your child stay at the Kids Klub site on those days we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Kids Klub is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment.
If your child is sick, or displays the following symptoms, we ask that you make alternative care arrangements:

  • A persistent fever (38.8 C or higher), unexplainable rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, ring worm or pink eye, anything contagious or is too ill to enjoy Kids Klub activities.
  • If your child contracts a communicable disease, he or she may not return until your doctor or public health nurse gives written permission.

If your child becomes sick at Kids Klub, we will contact you to pick up as soon as possible. Staff will not administer any medication to a child without prior written consent.

If lice is found at home, Kids Klub, or school, out of consideration for other children in the program, your child cannot return to the program until the lice has been treated, the nits combed out, and the problem is removed.

First Aid & Medications

First aid treatment does not include any form of orally ingested medications. Medication will only be administered on the written request of the parent/guardian or upon permission given via telephone to the centre for an emergency situation. If your child contracts a communicable disease, he or she may not return until your doctor or public health nurse gives written permission.

A note concerning Epipens: This applies to any child in a Kids Klub program who has severe allergies and is in need of a medication administered in an Epipen.

In case of Anaphylactic Shock & the child is conscious:
1. Staff will call an ambulance for assistance
2. Guide/help the child administer their own medication
3. Call the parent and advise them of the situation

In case of Anaphylactic Shock & the child is unconscious:
1. Staff will call an ambulance for assistance
2. Administer First Aid
3. Medication only administered by staff if the parent/guardian has given written approval

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure the staff know how to administer the Epipen. The child must carry the Epipen with them at all times, including out-trips.

Guidance & Discipline Policies

View Guidance and Discipline Policies

Guidance and discipline in Kids Klub Centre is provided to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment in which each child can feel secure, respected and valued. Each child will be encouraged and supported to develop positive relationships with peers and staff. Staff will strive to be positive role models, showing respect for children, parents, co-workers and their environment. To this end, parents/guardians can expect that staff will:

  1. Demonstrate physical interaction as well as provide clear, simple and consistent limits regarding appropriate behaviors within the Centre; such limits will be offered in a positive manner.
  2. Harsh or belittling language will not be used at any time.
  3. Physical punishment will not be used at any time.

Kids Klub Staff will use the following intervention strategies to help correct inappropriate behavior and encourage suitable behavior:

  1. Give verbal direction or re-direction as the main and first means of guidance and discipline.
  2. Clearly communicate the expectations of each child and the logical consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

For example, when a child uses physical aggressions as a means of expressing anger, we would:

  1. Acknowledge the child’s feeling and remind the child that we cannot allow anyone to hurt anyone else in Kids Klub.
  2. Model problem solving skills by explaining that other children do not like to be hurt and that the other child may not understand what the first child was upset about. We would then ask the child to tell the other child with words why he or she is angry. Together with the support of the staff, the children will be given the opportunity to work through the situation.
  3. Provide an opportunity for the child to have some time away if they need to gain self-control.

Time away is a method used to show children that being redirected from an unfavourable situation to a more calming area allows them to manage their own behaviours. When a child displays the same inappropriate behaviour repeatedly, even after verbal intervention by staff, the child is given the choice to either change the inappropriate behaviour or leave the activity they are involved in and go to a quiet space in another area of the room. The staff will go, when the child is calmer, and discuss better ways to solve his/ her problem in the future, and/or engage the child in a dialogue on this subject. When the child has regained control of his/her emotional and physical state, the staff person will invite the child to participate in the activity with the group.

In addition, Kids Klub staff will:

  1. Strive to recognize and identify the child’s feelings in situations that may cause difficulties for her/him.
  2. Supervise the child at all times and will not remove the child to an unsupervised area as a means of discipline.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to question staff if they are unclear about the handling of any incident within the Centre. As partners guiding your child through these key development years, it is desirable that staff and parents work closely and honestly together. Staff will be pleased to discuss any questions you may have about any aspect of the Guidance and Discipline guidelines.

For children requiring extra support:

* A care plan must be developed with the help of the parents and health care professionals that include all of the VIHA required information as outlined in the Child Care Licensing Regulations.

* Care Plans must be reviewed annually.

* All Staff working at the center must be made aware of care plans that have been put in place.