Summer at Kids Klub is full of fun, adventure and exciting activities. Our summer staff work together to plan a memorable summer for child. We offer amazing out-trips during the summer, including Beach Days, Bug Zoo, Butterfly Gardens, Bowling, Swimming, Movie Day at the Theater, and Theme Days. All out-trips are included in the weekly fees, so it is easy for parents to know their child in having a blast every day of the summer.

Attention Families:  Kids Klub has had to make changes due to the Ministry of Health restrictions in place regarding Covid-19.  We are unable to provide recreational out-trips using our buses this summer.  We will continue to provide outings within walking distance and ensure our programs are still fun, active and exciting.

As soon as bus restrictions are lifted Kids Klub will resume outings again.

Calendars of activities are planned by the staff and geared toward the interests and ages of the children at their site. Kids always have choices in the activities they sign up for. Our staff ensure that various activities are offered to meet the needs of each individual child.

 2020 Kids Klub Summer Camps Update

Kids Klub has implemented health and safety measures to maintain the safety of the children and staff at our programs. Find our health and safety documentation right here.


Registration starts April 29th at 6am. Please do not submit prior to this date/time as we won’t accept it. Registration is based on first come, first serve basis.

To register, click on the link and fill out the online application. Please complete the form and ensure your fee and payment agreement form is included. After submission you will receive confirmation of receipt. The registrar will contact you to confirm placement in our program within 1-2 business days.

Typical Activities

Children enrolled in Kids Klub School Summer Camps enjoy a wide variety of activities that make their time away from school as pleasurable and diverse as possible. These include on-site activities like sports and crafts, as well as out-trips to parks and beaches, swimming, skating, bowling, going to the movies, and exploring tourist attractions like The Butterfly Gardens, Butchart Gardens, Royal BC Museum, and Fort Rod Hill.

Rates & Times

All children have to re-register for summer programs, even children in the program during the school year. We offer weekly and daily rates only. To see the complete list of rates, including part-time and drop-in day rates for all of our programs, please have a look at our rates page right here.

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